ASL Intercom

Pro Series Master Stations are available in rack mount and tabletop configurations, and each has its own built-in power supply. Available models provide two channels (PS 279), or six channels (PS 6379 Mk2) of communication.

Additional features offered on all models:

SYSTEM LINK – – An additional XLR-3 connector for each channel allows connection to another ASL system with matched impedance, and without using power from the other system.

DC INPUT – A 12 – 28 V DC input allows connection to an external DC power supply, should 110/240 V mains power not be available, or should battery backup power be required.

Additional features on PS 6379 Mk2 only:

STAGE ANNOUNCE – This push button routes the local microphone signal to a line level output.

IFB – – Channel E & F can be switched to IFB mode for monitoring purposes or for one-way communication, i.e. director or producer to talent. If an AUX signal is assigned to the IFB channel, volume will be reduced by when TALK button is pushed. Amount of attenuation is user adjustable.

TALK TO ALL – Pushing and holding the TALK TO ALL button sends the microphone signal to all channels except those in IFB mode. However, setting the “IFB in Talk All” DIP-switch to the ON position will send the microphone signal to IFB channels as well.

CALL TO TALK – Pushing and holding CALL TO TALK sends a call signal to all channels on which the TALK button is switched on (not in IFB mode).

BUZZER MUTE per Channel – This push button mutes the the buzzer on each channel separately.

MIC MUTE per Channel – This push button remotely switches of the TALK buttons on each unit connected to the chosen channel.


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