Pro Series Interfaces


Three Pro Series Interfaces are available that afford maximum flexibility in system configuration, and also maintain seamless compatibility with existing communication and auxiliary systems.

PS 155 Wireless Interface


The PS 155 is a 1-channel audio interface for connecting simplex wireless communication systems (PTT wireless intercom i.e. Motorola, Kenwood) to all ASL Analog partyline systems. Special attention has been paid to ease of operation, enabling users to expand a wired ASL partyline with a locally approved wireless communication subsystem.

PS 150 1-channel Telephone Interface


The PS 150 1-channel Telephone Interface connects an ASL Pro Series partyline with a telephone or 2-wire system. It enables communication between an ASL partyline system and a standard telephone, or between two ASL partyline system via a telephone line.

PS 260/T 2-channel 4-Wire Interface


The PS 260/T 2-channel 4-Wire Interface enables connection of an ASL Pro Series system to external audio equipment or to a 4-wire intercom system. Fixed 4-wire systems can be temporarily extended with ASL Pro Series stations, or a 4-wire TV camera intercom can be connected directly to an ASL partyline system. Other applications include injection of external audio signal directly into the ASL partyline channels, or monitoring of the intercom signals by recording devices. The 4-wire connections of the PS 260/T are transformer balanced.