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Established in 1966, the STU theatre in Krakow has constantly reinvented itself, eschewing labels and remaining defiantly uncategorisable. But one constant thread has been the determination of its creator, Krzysztof Jasiński, to keep it at the creative cutting edge of Polish performing arts. The recent installation of an ASL intercom system is another step on that road.

Over the past 45 years, the STU theatre has been perceived at different times as a student theatre, theatrical commune, world-class alternative theatre, enclave of contesting and counterculture, theatrical school substitute, sanctuary for ‘homeless’ artists and a friendly place for all types of debuts. But whatever it had been regarded as by outsiders, it has always been a hotbed of innovative ideas, exchange of opinions and a vibrant social life.


With the theme of modern excellence running like DNA through the venue’s makeup, its technical infrastructure has had to keep pace with the creative innovation of those who develop and stage productions there.


Krakow-based Music Info recently supplied the theatre with an ASL digital intercom system, comprising one DS-1640 16-channel speaker station, four DS-830 eight channel speaker stations, complete with gooseneck microphone, plus four DS-290, two channel portable beltpack stations and a DS-4000M Master Matrix with interfaces to connect with stage microphones.

The DS-1640 and DS-830 speaker stations are installed for use by a production’s director, sound engineer, lighting operator and (where used) projectionist, while the DS-4000M acts as a central matrix and also allows communication between the stage, backstage and wardrobe departments.


“The ASL system was chosen by the venue’s chief sound engineer Tadeusz Sawka,” says Music Info’s Krzysztof Bularz. “He looked at a number of different systems. The ASL solution was the best designed, offered the most flexibility and was also priced very competitively. The system is working well and the staff are very happy with it.”



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