Audio Anywhere







The DanteTM based Audio Network with built-in mixing capabilities


With the addition of Enchorus to the ASL brand, we now have communications and audio distribution capabilities that will provide our customers with “Audio Anywhere”.


  • Professional Dante interfaces for stage, studio and other pro A/V applications
  • 8 built in 16x2 Stereo mixing engines plus 4-band EQ for each physical input and output
  • Redundancy for maximum reliability
  • Easy and flexible handling (Plug & Play)
  • Robust construction for the most challenging environments
  • Quality Made in Germany
  • Optional 19” rack version

ASL Enchorus:

Reliable Dante Format Converters for Modern AV Professionals


With Enchorus, users can leverage a professional, flexible, and scalable Dante solution for stage applications, production studios, and other pro A/V installations.


ASL’s Enchorus line of Dante format converters meet the highest performance and durability requirements for use in live production environments. Used as convenient network- based I/O modules, the devices can be conveniently located close to their sources and destinations. Developed with live situations and frequent, fast change-overs in mind, the devices are easy, quick, and intuitive to install.

ASL’s Renowned Quality and Reliability


The Enchorus series is made up of four devices that fully cover the requirements of live, studio, and other pro A/V applications.


Enchorus was designed specifically for the stage, with professional connectors and superior

audio quality. For example, the Enchorus 1201 is equipped with professional, high-quality

mic preamps and a 4-way splitter for each mic input. All Enchorus models include filtering and mixing capabilities and can be configured very rapidly via the integrated web interface. Enchorus modules are tough enough on their own but also include rubber bumpers that allow them to be easily and safely stacked on stage. For the convenient use of multiple units, 19” rack kits are also available.

Each Enchorus module offers an integrated, redundant power supply and Dante network connections as well as guaranteed synchronization, even across multiple switches. The two Ethernet ports can be used either for redundant network paths or for daisy-chaining. Since Dante uses conventional IP networks at speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps, configuration is quick and easy – saving costs and facilitating efficient network design when on tour. Enchorus modules can be placed near the musician – similar to a DI box – to provide the necessary inputs and outputs for any situation.

Enchorus EN-1101


■ 8x AES3 outputs and 4x AES3 inputs

■ Perfect for feeding digital power


Enchorus EN-1102


■ 6x AES3 inputs and outputs

■ Ideal for connecting effects devices in

a side rack

Enchorus EN-1201


■ 8x mic inputs and 4x line outputs

■ Incl. 4-way splitter for each input

Example: mic/line inputs for musicians, line outputs for monitoring

Enchorus EN-1202


■ 8x line outputs and 4x line inputs

■ Can be used for feeding analogue power

amplifiers, monitoring, press feed, etc.

Web Interface Configuration


Configuring Enchorus modules is simple and intuitive thanks to their integrated web interface. Units connected to the network can easily be named and configured all the way down to filter settings. Device configurations can be stored, imported, and exported to considerably reduce setup time for installations of any size.

Digital I/O



■ Sample rates: 44.1kHz / 48.0kHz / 88.2kHz / 96kHz / 176,4kHz / 192kHz

■ Sample depth: 16bit / 24bit / 32bit (transparent) 1



■ Input format: AES3, S/PDIF, transparent 1

■ Output format: AES3, transparent 1

■ Sample rates [1]: 44.1kHz / 48.0kHz / 88.2kHz /

96kHz / 176.4kHz / 192.0kHz

■ Sample rate converter on AES inputs: 8kHz ...


■ Galvanically isolated

■ Input / Output impedance: 110Ohm

■ Input level: 0.5Vpp to 7Vpp

■ Output level: 3Vpp (110Ohm)


1: Internally as well as for the AES3 output, Enchorus uses the Dante sampling rate

Analogue I/O


Line Output

■ Output type: electronically balanced 2

■ Max. output level: +24dBu

■ Output impedance: 0 Ohm (typ.)

■ Idle-channel noise: > -95dBu(A) (typ.)

■ Frequency response: 20Hz – 22kHz (Fs=48kHz)

20Hz – 40kHz (Fs=96kHz) ■ SNR: > 119.5dB(A) (typ.)

■ THD+N: < -98db (0.0012%)

2: For unbalanced operation leave XLR pin 3 = Signal (-) floating. Use XLR pin 1 = GND and XLR pin 2 = Signal (+)


Line Input

■ Input type: Electronically balanced

■ Max. input level: +24dBu

■ Input Impedance: ca. 47kOhm

■ Idle-channel noise: > -120dBFS (A) (typ.)

■ Frequency response: 20Hz – 22kHz (Fs=48kHz)

20Hz – 40kHz (Fs=96kHz) ■ SNR: > 120dB(A) (typ.)

■ THD+N: < -100dB (< 0.001%) ■ CMRR: 89dB (typ.)


Microphone Input

■ Input type: electronically balanced

■ Input impedance: 5,56kOhm

■ Max. input level: +24dBu

■ Idle-channel noise: - 152dBFS (A) (typ.)

■ Frequency response: 20Hz – 22kHz (Fs=48kHz)

20Hz – 40kHz (Fs=96kHz)

■ SNR: > 152dB (A) (typ.)

■ THD+N: -98dB (<0.0012%)

■ CMRR: 100dB (typ.)

■ 4-way splitter in each input



■ Low Cut (12, 18, 24, 36 dB/octave) with variable frequency

■ 3 parametric equalizers, each selectable low-pass, high-pass or shelving  lter



■ Up to 2.7s in steps of 1ms for each output (only for ENC 1101 and ENC 1202)

About Dante


Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology offering near-zero latency and synchronization. It is the networking solution adopted by more professional audio manufacturers than any other, so you can connect to hundreds of compatible products. Dante is true IP networking, using the same Layer-3 technology that powers computer networks around the world. It supports hundreds of channels per device and is designed to work with industry-standard network equipment. It is easy to use, with true plug & play operation. Free Dante Controller software provides automatic device detection, one-click routing of signals, user-editable names for devices and channels, and works with all Dante-enabled products. Dante‘s Audio-over-IP networking leverages the key computing technologies that are driving innovation the world over, ensuring continued development and expansion of capabilities for years to come.


DanteTM is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.