ASL Intercom

Headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, ASL Intercom BV was established in 1985. Formerly a founding principal of a major European sound hire firm, de Bruyn formed ASL Intercom with the immediate goal of building intercoms suited to the extreme demands of live entertainment and broadcast production in both portable and installed systems. The company has since broadened into industrial and commercial applications, and now offers a full line of analog and digital Partyline Systems backed by prompt, personalized technical support.


Acquired by Riedel Communications in 2016, ASL offers an award-winning line of intercom and partyline solutions, available in both portable and installed systems and suited to the extreme demands of live entertainment and broadcast productions. The company’s products are acclaimed worldwide for their exceptional voice intelligibility, dependable operation, and user interfaces suited to fast-paced productions.


The ASL Analog Partyline line currently comprises both the Basic Series 1- and 2-channel systems and Pro Series of 2 to 6-channel systems. ASL also offers the Cue Light System and a wide range of Intercom Accessories.


The new ASL Digital Partyline FLEXUS applies the latest advances in networking to offer exceptional performance, enhanced flexibility, and innovative user features never before seen in any Partyline, analog or digital.